Sunday, July 17, 2011

DIY T-shirt Necklace

What you will need:
old t-shirt
30 minutes

Step one: Cut hem off bottom of shirt and discard. 

Step two: Beginning at the bottom of the shirt into one inch cut 1-inch strips to make loops.  You can vary the width of your strips if you want to but I wanted a lot of tubes, so I kept my strips pretty thin.  Stretch each tube out {fabric will curl in on itself) so that you end up with tubes like the ones below. Set one tube to the side to use at the end.

Step three: For a layered effect, I tied off select tubes to make some shorter than others. Cut off excess and discard. 

Step four: Arrange tubes with tied off sections near the top. {I staggered the seams so that they all weren't hanging in the same place} With the tube you saved back, cut it into one long strip then tie off at one end of the top section of your necklace and it wrap around to hide the tops of the tubes you tied off like the pictures below. Tie off at other end {Make sure to double knot it}.

And there you have it. An old dingy t-shirt that jwas just hanging in my closet has been given new life as my new favorite accessory! And BONUS, it is Greyson friendly. He loves pulling on my necklaces and with this one he can pull away and I don't have to worry about it breaking!

Next time you have 30 minutes to spare, rummage through your closet, find and old shirt you never wear and give this little DIY project a whirl.

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