Monday, October 31, 2011

Cutest Homeless Baby on the Block

If you are easily offended, just think of him as a poor lumberjack...

If not, then yes, Grey dressed up as a homeless baby for Halloween. If it makes you feel any better it was his idea and he insisted that anyone with a sense of humor would think it was silly not offensive.

What we used:

-Old socks for hand warmers- cut the toes off and a place for a thumb hole
-Sleeve of an old shirt for a hat {which he would not wear}
-Flannel from Old Navy {$6} the only thing I spent $$ on
-Sock- for his feet this time. I cut a hole in of the them so his big toe would stick through
-Piece of cardboard for his sign
-Shopping cart- borrowed from a neighbor
-Black eyeshadow for his beard- because you can't put face paint on a baby

 My little homeless baby shaved and washed up and is now fast asleep. Today was a big day, but one for the memory books!

Happy Halloween!

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